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5 common railroad injuries

Apr 6, 2018 | Blog, Railroad Worker Train Injuries, Train Accidents

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FELA Railroad Injury Lawyer, O'Fallon, ILAs a railroad worker, you face unique occupational hazards every day. When accidents occur, they may have a catastrophic effect. The Bureau of Labor Statistics points out that workers in the rail industry frequently deal with various injuries, illnesses and fatalities. As FELA lawyers in St Clair County, IL we wanted to pass along this information.

Railroad injuries may result in financially-crippling medical bills and a lifetime of pain. But what accidents and injuries are the most common? Here are some common ways you may suffer an injury as a railroad employee.

1. Brain injuries

You may receive a head injury because of slipping, tripping and falling or getting hit by tools or equipment. Even if you are wearing a hard hat, you may suffer:
• Skull damage
• Traumatic brain injury
• Concussion
• Facial scars
Brain injuries may significantly affect your quality of life, including changes to your cognitive ability, behavior and personality.

2. Disfigurement

Many railroad accidents may result in different types of scars, amputation, broken bones or discoloration. Disfigurement may occur when these injuries only partially heal and have a lasting impact. This may result in the need for expensive plastic surgery.

3. Crushing injuries

Rail work requires you to be around heavy equipment and freight all the time. Cargo, locomotives and freight cars are particularly heavy and large. If any of these things fall on you, you may suffer horrific injuries including damage to your internal organs or bones.

4. Back injuries

Working in a rail yard means you do a lot of hard tasks and work long hours. Performing repetitive motions, lifting heavy objects and overexerting yourself may cause you to hurt your back. This may mean you need physical therapy, chiropractic care or even surgery.

5. Burns

You may suffer a burn because of:
• Hose ruptures
• Explosions
• Electrical malfunctions
• Engine fires
Second or third-degree burns are excruciating and may require you to get a skin graft or amputation.
If you sustain physical damages on the railroad, make sure you talk to an attorney who can help you file a FELA claim.

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