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Injuries that can remain hidden after a car accident

Jun 30, 2018 | Car Accidents, Car and Truck Accidents

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Personal Injury Law, O'Fallon, ILCar accidents occur every day on highways and roads throughout Illinois. A recent example occurred on June 27th. Three people sustained injuries after a car crashed directly into a dental building. The driver responsible for the crash is in stable condition, and police have charged her with negligent driving. As car accident lawyers we want to discuss some of the hidden injuries that you should be aware of.

After a motor vehicle accident of any severity, you may be in noticeable pain and discomfort following the crash. However, plenty of people walk away feeling fine. Many are often distracted by a likely pending battle with their insurance company regarding vehicle damage claims. The last thing they think about is seeing a doctor if they don’t feel immediate pain.

However, many injuries sustained in auto accidents often do not manifest until days, weeks or even months after the collision.

Bruised ligaments, tendons and muscles

Drivers and passengers in car accidents often sustain injury to muscles, tissues and ligaments located in the neck, shoulders and legs. Due to a surge of adrenaline going through their boy, they often do not feel much pain after the crash. But once the stress of the collision subsides, many start to notice symptoms that were not present before the incident. Swelling, bruising, tenderness, pain, and loss of strength are a handful of examples.


Whiplash is a very common injury many people sustain in rear end collisions. A sudden jolt to the head and neck causes the brain to shift inside the head. This can result in a concussion.

Even if individuals do not experience any pain at first, they should still see a physician. Without proper, immediate treatment, swelling and other long-term damage can occur.

By seeking medical treatment and providing a detailed explanation of what happened to the doctor will likely prompt him/her to order an MRI or other test to determine any underlying issues not visible by the naked eye.

Stress disorders

Many individuals involved in auto accident also experience psychological trauma. Short-term apprehension is normal post-accident. However, people do experience long term anxiety after car accidents, commonly referred to as post-traumatic stress disorder, that may require professional intervention.

The best advice is to see a physician immediately after an auto collision and explain the incident in as thorough detail as possible so he or she can take the necessary steps to make sure both mental and physical treatment is provided in order to mitigate any long-term future damage.

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