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Thanksgiving: Wonderful and dangerous

Nov 17, 2018 | Car and Truck Accidents

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Injury Lawyer, St Clair County, ILEveryone knows they’re coming. In fact, the holidays are almost here. Thanksgiving is just days away. Many regular readers of our O’Fallon, Illinois, Personal Injury Law Blog will be traveling across the state or into neighboring Missouri to get together with family and friends for turkey dinners, laughter and love.

Unfortunately, traffic promises to be heavy over Thanksgiving weekend, as it always is, and the risk of motor vehicle accidents and injuries will be higher than normal. One big reason for the increased dangers on our roads: drunk drivers come out in force for the holidays.

Far too often people get together for holidays and wind up consuming more alcohol than they should – and then get behind the wheel of a vehicle.
Thanksgiving is “the most traveled holiday period of the year,” according to a news source. While police departments and state police are sure to ramp up DUI enforcement efforts, they will not be able to stop them all.

Perhaps the most dangerous time of all during the upcoming holiday period will be Wednesday night before Thanksgiving. Known among law enforcement officials as “Black Wednesday,” it is often a night for partying at bars. People know they have the next off, at least, and are ready to imbibe – sometimes far too much.
They put not only themselves at risk of an accident and injury, but their passengers as well, and all of the other motorists and pedestrians sharing the same roads.

If you or a loved one has been harmed by a drunk driver, speak to an attorney experienced in personal injury litigation – one who knows who to get maximum compensation for all damages.

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