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Workers’ comp and third-liability: Avoiding slips and falls

Nov 29, 2018 | Blog, Injuries, Workers Compensation

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3rd Party Work Injury Lawyer, St Clair County, ILIf you feel like Illinois retailers are gearing up for the holiday season earlier than before, you could be right. If you work in the retail or restaurant sectors, you may want to brush up on workplace accidents and third-party liabilities. Though many businesses have programs and benefits in place to help injured workers recover, those benefits only extend so far. There are circumstances where employees who suffer injuries can sue parties unaffiliated with their employers for compensation. Workers who file for workers’ compensation benefits may also have valid personal injury claims.

Accidents can happen anywhere, especially slips and falls. It is impossible to know when you could end up in an accident and stress out about your finances due to lost income and mobility. You can mitigate the consequences by holding all negligent parties liable. Consider the following information to avoid slip and fall accidents this season.

Wear proper shoes

The cold weather brings rain, snow and ice, the makings of slippery conditions. As water, dirt, snow and moisture are tracked in and around the workplace, the chances of an accident increase. Your employer is responsible for making sure the floors and all walking surfaces are safe, dry and free of obstructions. They may also have rugs and carpet everywhere. Since a variety of factors exist that can make conditions ripe for a slip, trip or fall, a good pair of slip-resistant shoes is often recommended for workers, though not everyone follows the dress code.

Pay attention

Many workplace incidents happen because hazards were overlooked or employees noticed them too late to avoid them. Employees should always observe their environment and take note of issues that may cause them or someone else harm. They should also follow their job’s hazard-reporting procedures and alert others.
Keep in mind that not all slip-and-fall accidents are the result of personal clumsiness or inattentiveness. Sometimes, workers can fall and suffer injury because of the actions of customers, vendors and other third parties. Regardless of how any workplace accident happens, injured workers should take immediate action to learn their rights and entitlements.

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