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Spotting signs of a head injury after a car accident

May 13, 2020 | Car Accidents, Car and Truck Accident Injuries, Car and Truck Accidents

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Car Accident Head Injury Lawyer, O'Fallon, ILThe moments immediately following a car crash are unforgettable. When the car comes to rest, and you realize what happened, your brain may start firing in a million directions, trying to think of all that you should do. As personal injury lawyers located in O’Fallon, Illinois, we wanted to share these tips.

In times like these, adrenaline can course through the body, masking the signs of an injury. One of the most serious injuries that may go undetected in the hours following a crash is one to the brain. A blow to the skull is not the only way a brain injury occurs. A jolt of the neck with enough force may cause the brain to hit the bones of the head and become bruised. In a case like this, you may experience symptoms early that you do not correlate to an injury. Understand how a brain injury may manifest after a collision.

Increasing head pain

A headache after an accident may not seem far fetched. While not every headache is a sign of a brain injury, some are. Notice how long your head hurts and if over the counter pain killers do anything to help. If you do not find relief, or if the headache becomes much worse, it may signal something more serious.

Upset stomach

Stress may cause your stomach to feel sour in the hours or days after a crash. However, when you feel nauseous or vomit unexpectedly and repeatedly, you may want to seek medical intervention. These are two signs the brain has damage.

Speech issues

The brain is responsible for every other aspect of the body, and so when it gets hurt, other parts of the body may send out signals. If you feel like you are having problems coming up with words while speaking or those words are slurring, the part of the brain responsible for speech and recall may have an injury.
The injury the brain sustained may wind up healing, but a medical diagnosis and intervention are crucial. Letting it go may result in long-term impacts that change the way you live.

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