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Understanding what leads to railroad accidents

Jun 14, 2021 | Blog, Railroad Train Injuries

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Railroad Injury Cases O'Fallon IllinoisTo some people in Illinois, railways may seem like a blast from the past. Passengers don’t use them much anymore. However, they’re still crucial when it comes to moving freight. Railroads are one of the most important transportation systems in the country. When there’s a railroad accident, it can be devastating. As FELA railroad accident lawyers, we’d like to present a variety of safety lapses that can cause railroad accidents.

Safety hazards on the rails

Communication is key in any line of business. This is particularly true when it comes to railway transportation. Effective communication about switching can prevent collisions. It’s more common for passenger rail cars like Amtrak to share tracks with freight providers than people realize. Without everyone understanding who is where, accidents can occur.

It’s also important to use containers that are graded for the freight they’re moving. Oil is transported by rail more now than ever before. However, the tank cars used to move it must be able to handle it. Thin-walled tanks aren’t suitable for a flammable, explosive material like crude oil. New and improved containers are being developed all the time. They’re expected to fully replace older tank cars by 2029.

Human error can also be a contributing factor in railroad accidents. Transportation is a high-stress industry. Everyone is determined to deliver on time. This means that sometimes, workers don’t get adequate breaks during their shifts. Railroad workers who get hurt at work may be covered under FELA.

FELA is a law that provides compensation to railroad workers who aren’t covered by other workers’ comp programs. This law dates to 1908, and the process for claims is different from other insurances. Workers must prove negligence by their employer to succeed. Railroaders pursuing FELA claims should seek assistance from experienced attorneys.

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