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Industrial Accidents and the State of Industrial Regulation

Jul 19, 2023 | Industrial Accident, Injuries, Train Accidents, Uncategorized

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Kim Kelly’s article talks about recent industrial accidents in East Palestine, Ohio, and West Reading, Pennsylvania. These accidents have caused significant harm to both workers and communities. The author says these disasters aren’t accidents, but happen because companies and politicians care more about money than safety. Read the article: Industrial Accidents in 2023, Including East Palestine, OH, and West Reading, PA, Have Cost Lives and Hurt Communities

As industrial accidents in the St Louis Metro East, we monitor dangerous trends that tend to lead to more workers being hurt as a result of lax safety regulations. We encourage our readers to learn more about industry and safety regulations that our lawmakers are responsible for enforcing.

A train accident in East Palestine released toxic chemicals into the air and water. As a result, people were forced to leave their homes and experienced health problems. Norfolk Southern, the company responsible for the train, is facing numerous class-action lawsuits.

In Pennsylvania, a problem at a factory caused chemicals to be released into a creek that provides water for Philadelphia. The company’s history of contamination incidents raises concerns about the safety of the water supply.

Another terrible accident in West Reading is also cited in the article. An explosion at the R.M. Palmer Company’s chocolate factory killed seven workers. The company is facing allegations of negligence and attempts to mislead workers about safety concerns.

In Newburyport, Massachusetts, a chemical explosion at a pharmaceutical facility caused injuries and claimed the life of a worker. The facility had a history of safety violations and previous incidents.

The article criticizes the lack of accountability and action from corporations and politicians, who often prioritize their interests over worker safety. The goal is to enhance workers’ rights, enforce stricter safety rules, and increase transparency regarding potential health and environmental risks.

The writer says that we can stop industrial accidents, but the capitalist system lets companies avoid blame for their mistakes. The article calls for a change in the system to prioritize safety and protect workers and communities from further disasters.

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